Client Services

We take a holistic approach to serving our Clients - not only to meet short-term needs, but to help achieve long-term success. If your home address has a postal Zip Code of  74601, 74604, 74631, 74644, 74647, 74651, 74632, 74633, 74641, 74652, or 74653, you may be eligible for our services which include:


 - Clients shop for their families in a familiar grocery-store setting, selecting from a variety of eligible items that they prefer - targeting 3 meals per person, per day, for up to 14 days.


 - Clients who provide the following documentation, all current or dated within the past 12 months, may be eligible for limited rent or utility assistance:

** RENT: Late or eviction notice from the landlord, with landlord name, address, and phone number.

** UTILITY: An account inquiry, and a current utility cutoff notice or recent bill from propane company.

**  Some form of current Federal, State, Tribal, or School ID (Note: we recommend you don't use Social Security card as ID)

** One of the following:

         - Proof of employment (current pay stub)

         - Current letter from an employment agency, showing you are up to date with them

         - Letter from Social Security office within the last 12 months, stating your monthly SSI income

         - Current letter from your doctor stating that you should not work

         - Proof that you are over 62

         - School schedule


 - Free, informative, and fun classes are held each month for our Clients. Check out the HOURS & SERVICES webpage for more information on NERA Client education.


 - After COVID, stop by anytime and check out our Recipe Wall, where Clients can choose and take home instructions for simple, easy, and delicious meals that can generally be made with items found right in our Pantry.


 - If we can't help, we likely know someone who can. Our NERA inbound consultants will take time to assess your needs and future goals, and then look for ways to either help directly, or to refer you to a local church, charitable organization, or government agency that can better assist.