Did you know that your New Emergency Resource Agency is one of only 12 official Food Resource Centers in Oklahoma ?

Yep - we're kind of a big deal, and we work hard every day to keep it that way.

NERA-FRC is one of a select group of food banks in all of Oklahoma to be certified by the Regional Food Bank, for adopting and adhering to their high standards of service and product delivery. Our northern OK Clients are valued and important, and that's why we've set the bar so high - and why we strive to help their long-term success by offering a hand up rather than a hand out.

Did You Know ?

Did you know you can essentially give money back to yourself, by making a donation to NERA in 2020 ?

As we read it, Section 2205 of the new COVID relief CARES ACT provides a new Charitable Contribution deduction of up to $300 - EVEN if you use a simplifed tax form and don't itemize deductions on your 2020 Tax Return. And those who do itemize may again claim 100% of any additional deduction amounts, rather than the 60% normally allowed. Please contact your tax professional for further clarification on the Act given your specific financial situation.

Your NERA-FRC has seen our recent food needs double, with more than 10,000 meals provided to our Clients in just the first half of April. Also, NERA can maximize your dollars shared - turning a $1 donation into 5 meals. Please - if you're able, visit DONATE NOW to give by credit card or PayPal. And finally, please accept our thanks - as NO ONE in our community should go hungry tonight under our collective watch.