How We Help

Our office is located in downtown Ponca City, Oklahoma. Call or stop by, and once there, you'll find a friendly staff that visits with each Client personally to understand them, and offer referrals or direct assistance based on their unique needs. Our onsite, state-of-the-art Food Pantry is designed just like a grocery store. We treat our Clients with the attention and respect that they deserve, and as a result find that many volunteer their time and energy to "pay it forward" for the help they receive. Stop by or donate today, and become a key part of our success.

Who We Are

Our MISSION is to give people a hand up instead of a hand out.

NERA helps those in need with food, utilities and rent assistance, informational classes, and referrals to other agencies or providers in north central Oklahoma. Our Clients live within a service footprint of the Kansas state line as our north boundary, down south to Red Rock, west to Interstate 35, and back east to Shidler. It's easy to check out our FOR CLIENTS webpage, to see if you live in a postal Zip Code that we service.

OPERATIONS UPDATE - April 10, 2020

We remain open for business, with hours unchanged, and you don't need to come inside our building.

Visiting us for the first time? Just bring us 2 things: (1) a paper or electronic copy of any monthly bill received in the last 30 days that proves you live in our service area (see list of eligible Zip Codes at top of FOR CLIENTS webpage), and (2) the ID's of your spouse and each household minor under 18 that you want to register for our food services. We will register you while you are outside holding up your ID's and bills to our glass window, and your spouse or minor children DO NOT have to come with you, as long you've also brought us their ID. Once the initial registration process is complete, your follow-up visits will go much faster, as we package a food box when you arrive based on the number of people you registered. Any "non-spouse" adults living in your household (18+ years) DO need to come with you at initial registration, with their own recent monthly bill sent to your address as well as their ID. Acceptable ID's include School, Tribe, State, Drivers License, Social Security card, or recent jail release papers.

Starting April 21, we will again be offering rent and utility assistance on Tuesdays from 9:00 - 10:00 am. See our FOR CLIENTS page to learn more.

Given the most recent health guidance available, our registration and food shopping process has been modified to resemble that of a remote assembly line, in order to better protect you and us. Instead of normally entering the building through our sliding glass doors, Clients should hold their ID Card up to the glass while remaining outside. We'll take a photo of that through the glass and verify your information - including how many people reside in your household. Based on that intel, we'll automatically assemble a food box for your size family, as well as gather freezer and cooler items in a grocery bag to include with your box. Once assembled by our team, you'll see your completed box follow along a manual trolley table back to the sliding glass door, which then opens for you to take your box. Each food box is designed to hold a week's worth of food, and Clients may come back every 15 days if needed. We believe this temporary process best gets critical supplies in the hands of those in need quickly, while minimizing unnecessary social contact. The rapidly-changing health emergency we are all witnessing may eventually impact our staffing count and deliveries schedule, so we must reserve the right to quickly modify this process and/or temporarily cease our services. Please check back here often for additional updates or call us at (580)765-5372.

Thanks for your patience during these challenging times, and to all our Associates, Volunteers, and Donors - we appreciate YOU.


Beyond the pandemic, our roster of valued Clients continues to grow - which means we're picking up more food, from more places than ever before, in order to sufficiently stock our warehouse.

If you can help us get a larger and more reliable truck that will greatly simplify that process, please DONATE NOW using the link above, and type BOX TRUCK in the description field.


Did You Know ?

Did you know that you can essentially give money back to yourself, by making a donation to NERA today ?

As we read it, Section 2205 of the new COVID relief CARES ACT provides a new Charitable Contribution deduction of up to $300 - EVEN if you use a simplifed tax form and don't itemize deductions on your 2020 Tax Return. And those who do itemize may again claim 100% of any additional deduction amounts, rather than the 60% normally allowed. Please contact your tax professional for further clarification on the Act given your specific financial situation.

Your NERA-FRC has seen our recent food needs double, with more than 10,000 meals provided to our Clients in just the first half of April. Also, NERA can maximize your dollars shared - turning a $1 donation into 5 meals. Please - if you're able, click on the DONATE NOW link below to give by credit card or PayPal. And finally, please accept our thanks - as NO ONE in our community should go hungry tonight under our collective watch.


During the COVID pandemic, we are serving more Clients than ever before. Please take a moment right now to help us help our local neighbors in need. ---------->       DONATE NOW